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May 2024


Capoeira is a martial art. As with any martial art, discipline is paramount. We have a few rules, but we ask that all are followed when training or visiting our home. We thank you in advance.

  • Arrive on Time
    • students will not be permitted to train 15 minutes after the scheduled start time
  • Check-In to Every Class
    • this helps with attendance tracking as well as important updates we may need from you
    • You can do this on the Tablet in the academy or thru the member portal
  • No Outside Shoes on the Training Floor
    • We train barefoot and this protects our feet from rocks, glass, etc that could be tracked onto the training floor from outside
  • Change Quickly and Organize Your Belongings
    • We are very limited on space. Please get dressed as quickly as possible as others will be waiting and keep your belongings in a cubby and out of the general walkways/areas.
  • Be Respectful
    • Respect the integrity of your fellow students
    • Follow directions and don't carry on conversations while the Instructor is teaching.
  • Train Hard
    • Do your best at all times
    • Push yourself and your partner, but not to the point of injury
    • Avoid doing techniques that are not part of the lesson
  • Say "SALVE!" when entering and leaving the academy
    • This is how we greet each other and show respect to the academy. 


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Friday, February 21
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